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Our federal government, MSM, and Intelligence Agencies have tried to control what we think, say, believe, feel, etc. Truth was not even a part of the process. For the Silent Majority, Unbreakable Truth is our path to freedom.  


Unbreakable Truth Vault

This part of the website holds a history of bookmarks that I feel illuminate some of the things we can see, but where there seems to be no collection of information that we can we rely on to give us the story behind our positions on many topics. I originally started collecting bookmarks when Climategate was revealed in late 2009. This was a big topic that began the divide in our nation that removed any ability for  both sides to be involved in conversations about caring for our planet. Yes, that means there's about 15 years of collected information, so I feel like I should apologize!  Anyway, dig in!

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