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people who pursue truth over obedience - aka. the uncrushables

These are the people who we can believe in to provide truth and facts to the American people. Their work proves what a disgraceful joke our MSM/Legacy media really is.

other unbreakable truth topics we can get loud about

Published in 2010, during our pre-woke freedom, this article explains Conservative and Liberal beliefs across many topics. Very helpful in believing we can communicate across the barren gulf of divide between Americans (that both sides of our media have tried to turn into a religion).

Power used in ways to control Americans based on the goals of the political underworld in our country.

Federal agencies who show one-sided commitment to the Democrat party goals.

Secretive influence over American politics (ex. George Soros).

Stories by MSM/Legacy media members who are supposed to be on the side of the American people, but instead are committed to following the Rules of the Liberal ideology.

The approach taken by Political Warfare disciples to silence anyone who dares to Get Loud about all the BS going on in our country.

This is the massive impact that political correct ideology has had on almost every aspect of our lives (Critical Race Theory; Diversity, Equity and Inclusion; Environmental, Social and Governance; and probably many more). The rules of all these groups in our education system, political system, judicial system, businesses and corporations, have changed the way we're allowed to make decisions in our lives. Time to stop obeying!

Before Wokeism/After Wokeism - This highlights the absurd place where Woke ideology has taken us in so many different realms.

All the things that the quote unquote Feminists support and are committed to.  If you get depressed reading these, go see Riley Gaines and Martina Navratilova

The Peer Review process for getting published in a reputable journal is supposed to signify credibility and trust in a person's work. This process, like many others, has broken down under Wokeism's rules, which should lead to less credibility of this type of information. Here are some examples.

These are facts on the many mistakes (crimes?) in how this approach played out.

Stories that help us find hope that the Silent Majority can get loud and make a difference.

Stories on topics that can lift us up when we feel like we're crashing and have nothingleft to believe in. If you're having a really bad day, look for the House Proud Mouse story!

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