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Donald Trump is Uncrushable

The woke movement has created an incomprehensible, super-large list of new words that we're held accountable to under Critical Race Theory, even though we have no idea what most of them mean (see below).

I'm going to throw this idea out there - here's a new word that actually has value: Uncrushable. This word is for people who will never be crushed by all the ways the woke zombies try to shut us down forever if we don't obey the rules. See "Crush Dissent" (in The Vault).

There are so many people who I believe are Uncrushable. Who are these people? The ones who keep getting loud, and who will always fight, and who will never be shut down. They continue to fight for us, the silent majority of true Americans, and for our country and the ideals it was founded on. Donald Trump, Elon Musk, Tucker Carlson, Dave Chappelle, Aaron Rodgers, JK Rowling, Matt Taibbi, Glenn Greenwald, Joe Rogan, Russell Brand, Riley Gaines, Bill Maher, Mollie Hemingway, and many more.....I would say that every person on my list of Americans Who Pursue Truth Instead of Obedience meet the definition of Uncrushable (see The Vault). These are the people who give me hope for our country.

I feel like Trump is a big part of leading this - helping a lot of us to also be uncrushable. Trump is a leader at the core. He has faced and stood up to every attempt to shut him down over the last 8 years. He faces daily attempts of Political Warfare to destroy not just him, but everyone he cares about, including us, the Silent Majority. He fights every day to stand up for us. There is no other way to see this other than as someone who loves our country and who loves all Americans who love this country. They say that he is always pursuing things through politics that he already had before he stood up for us. He was very successful, wealthy, has a family he loves, he can live a totally free lifestyle to enjoy the things he had before he became our President. Why do you think he didn't just step aside and live the high life? He could be left alone instead of facing daily attempts to crush him. I believe it is because he has accepted the responsibility to help save our country. I feel lucky to have him stand up for us, and I am so thankful for his courage.

A quick note on the woke zombies of legacy media: These are the people who lie to us everyday, and I mean they lie to EVERYBODY EVERY DAY. Truth dropped out of their requirements list a long time ago. These are people who are supposed to be on our side when it comes to truth, but they are puppets of the current message, and repeating the current message verbatim is the only point of their existence. How can they ever feel proud of this? Let's face it: They got crushed a long time ago, and their only purpose now is to obey the rule-makers.

So, I want to keep looking forward. I want to continue believing that there is something called Unbreakable Truth. I will only listen to the people who we know pursue the truth. I look up to them, and I am committed to being a part of this movement - to always make truth something we can believe is at our fingertips, that we can find/uncover/stand behind ideas that are based on truth. I have a voice, and I believe in this country.

Here's the scary list of new words created by wokeism:

Intersectionality; terf; non-binary; cisgender male (CGM); cisgender Female (CGF); underserved; underrepresentive; microaggression; BIPOC; POC; heteronormativity; systemic racism; intersections of racism, transphobia, sexism, biphobia and homophobia; critical race theory; settler colonialism; queen theory; white fragility; transmisogyny; white racial equilibrium; whiteness; material-political-economic-structural benefits for those socially deemed white; two Spirit; genderqueer; AFAB/AMAB; same gender loving; demigender; demiboy; demigirl; white privilege; overprivileged; white supremacy; microaggression; micro-invalidation;  sizeism; pansexual; MTF & FTM vs MTM & FTF; gender affirming surgery; cissexism; gender queer; agender; gender binary; birth sex; drag queen; drag king; passing privilege; levels of privilege; heterosexual privilege; grievance politics; social justice; equity; Latinx, ......

And just to get a little bit scarier, half of these are from the National Security Agency (NSA) glossary for critical race theory.

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