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Can we Rename DEI to DIE?

Updated: Mar 13

Elon Musk beat me to it! Here is a link to his comments regarding DEI, and yes, I'm completely behind his position ( DEI, or Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, (pretty much in the same bag as critical race theory, wokeism, political correctness, ESG aka Environmental, social and governance) is the movement behind designing rules for interacting with others in every aspect of our lives - education, employment, relationships, interests, parenting, etc. They are rules that the mainstream media has followed without question for many years. They are rules that are secretive, that create division across so many aspects of being human, which is the complete opposite of what Martin Luther King Jr was moving us towards. The media has been a structure that's kept two sides of our country divided. Liberals and conservatives have been told we are absolute enemies, and we can never talk to each other on any topic. The media wants to keep us divided, with unbreakable boundaries that deny us any common ground.

The liberal side of the political spectrum is targeted by what I call the compliant and obedient media (MSM and social media - complete consistency of coverage across the board, for every topic). I think we have all seen that a large percentage of our current media are total rule followers, even if they have no comprehension of the goal behind whoever creates their rules. The conservative side is targeted in large part by Fox News (which MSM casts as MAGA extremists, racists, homophobes, and every other term that is meant to continue the divide us). And yes, I see Fox News as rule followers, too.

When Elon Musk purchased Twitter, he cracked the wall that kept us separated, and the wall has been disintegrating ever since. After buying Twitter, he has given our country a chance to come together by breaking the rules. He's helping us move forward by leading the charge. What he has done gives all of us hope that our future involves giving the silent majority a realm to have a voice. We want to be able to stand up for things that are very important to us, no matter what side we are on, and to be able to find common ground. It's amazing that we have been in a place where stating our position on a topic and our reasons behind it, and having open discussions with people who feel differently, is considered "breaking the rules". Talk about throwing liberalism upside down completely! We all know that Musk is willing to tell all the rule makers, the rule followers, the compliant, the obedient, "Fuck You". I believe that the silent majority wholeheartedly seconds that thought.

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Mar 10

like this, its about time someone stood up to this craziness.

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