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Just Say No to CGM Prison

Acronyms have become another version of "language" in this current woke reality in our country. CGM means cis-gender males, or what I call American men that the rest of us are very thankful for! Wokeism doesn't see it this way though, because it is used as an insult, which is why I call it CGM Prison.

But what does the Silent Majority probably think? Here's an example.

My daughter and I just bought my husband an "I Don’t Suck!" sash for Christmas (in an attempt to hopefully crack him up). My husband, someone who has worked every day of his life with dedication and drive, through every day and every vacation we have taken; who has given our family a lifestyle that is beautiful; who has a truly kind heart, always points out that he needs to work harder, that he missed this opportunity and mismanaged that situation, etc. He is a true definition of (in my terms) an unbreakable Role Model in our country. My husband, a Type A kind of guy, is always holding himself to a level of accountability that seems impossible to uphold,  and it makes me very proud to have him in my life! And, yeah, he's hot, too.

Anyway, he is someone who should never need an "I Don’t Suck" sash to remind him he is a blessing to so many people in so many ways! For all you men who love your families, who hold yourselves to high standards, who work your asses off, who will always stand to protect our country and our people, please believe that we look up to you, we're thankful for you, and we are proud of you!

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