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Why Unbreakable Truth?

Updated: Apr 30

The goal of my website, UnbreakableTruth, is finding a way to express what a lot of us feel - that the current state of media is completely broken when it comes to providing truth to Americans. It's locked down and caged through political control and suffocation, kind of like the image below, but a lot more locked down, more unyielding, more bounded, more broken, more corrupt, etc. When you take in what our media is attempting to feed you now, here is where it's coming from:

1. The "RULE MAKERS" (dark money figures, politicians, CRT/Wokeism/DEI, most of our Federal Agencies...), and

2. The" RULE FOLLOWERS" (the obedient Corrupt Media, almost all of it).

With so many revelations about the politically-based process of news delivery in our country, I believe Americans are ready to move to a new system - One that provides information to us without the political locks and chains that have been suffocating our access to truth for so many years.

There has to be a way to transcend this current, seemingly indestructible, institution ruled by CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS. The New York Times, Washington Post, AP, Fox News, NPR, Reuters, Facebook, Google, etc. Let's start questioning who is making the rules about what we get to see, and why the only goal of current media is that we follow them without question. But before we figure all that out, there is something that can give us hope today.

The Breakthrough to TRUTH

There are so many writers, commentators, bloggers and podcasters in this country who are devoted to pursuing TRUTH, not compliance to the Orwellian-style requirements that so many news people have caved to. These true Americans can provide the movement to a new way of delivering facts to all of us - what I see as UNBREAKABLE TRUTH. We all have the right to truth in reporting that allows us to form opinions and ideas based not only on our knowledge, our background, our beliefs, etc., but based on all the facts known about different topics that is based on open delivery of information without political control. This opens up a universe of information to everybody in our country across all political viewpoints. And these writers really do cover the political spectrum in our country: Elon Musk, Jonathon Turley, Glenn Greenwald, Matt Taibbi, Tucker Carlson, Bill Maher, Bari Weiss, Joe Rogan, Victor Davis Hanson, Naomi Wolf, Sasha Stone, Mollie Hemingway, Jordan Peterson, Michael Shellenberger, Salina Zito, Jason Whitlock, Riley Gaines, Russell Brand......and so many more.

I believe God is involved in making sure the light of these writers shines through the current darkness and lawlessness of the media. I believe that we, the silent majority, are capable of helping push this idea forward, moving our country to a future that it is worthy of. By finding ways to connect with so many people who feel just like we do, people who have been completely silenced, we can take power away from the media system's controlling approach and isolation. This is my contribution to that effort. Let's break out of our boxes. It's time for the Silent Majority to GET LOUD!

We are the SILENT MAJORITY, and we (millions of us) have got your back.

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